Made for the Generations

KingsLeaf albums form part of your family heritage, brimming with history and emotions.

A Pampering Touch

KingsLeaf albums are hand made and presented to you with an unswerving focus on quality and luxury. That is why each Kingsleaf album comes with our plush velvet bag and solander box.

KingsLeaf Archive

The layout design of every single page, the material used, the dimensions, the tone of the leather, the solander box and the velvet bag protecting it. As part of our traditions. We archive every detail of your Kingsleaf for the purpose of creating them again in the future should the need arise.

We have your memories covered. For life.

Classic Design

Kingsleaf page design is based on a classic presentation style meant to evoke a sense of elegance and gracefulness throughout generations to appreciate.

So sit back and relax as our professional designers do what they do best.

Finest Material

Cover novelties. In our hands are some of the best material man can find or make.

Each piece of top grain leather is exquisite, having a one-of-a-kind texture and grain pattern formed naturally.

Man made micro-leather and faux-leather in many ways has the same characteristic as natural leathers and even better in some ways.

Solander Box

Protecting and archiving every KingsLeaf album is a rich tradition solander box.

Created around the 1700s by Swedish botanist Daniel Solander for the British Museum, its is mainly for storing precious books, manuscripts, maps and documents of importances. It features a hardcover clamshell case meant to firmly secure and protect the content within.

A fitting case for KingsLeaf.

Velvet Case

Hugging every kingsleaf is our luxuriously plush velvet case.

Made to impress.

Professional Prints

A great wedding album starts from professional photographic prints.

For that reason, we print mostly on Kodak Endura Paper which upholds the Endura tradition of state-of-the-art image stability, excellent latent image keeping and post-process finishing. It is also Kodak’s most notable professional color negative paper with an amazing colour and exceptional quality for art longevity.

Perfect Debossment

Embossment is another key decorative details that constitute what would be known as the KingsLeaf iconic style.

This service comes in 2 style. Contemporary and Classic.

Contemporary Deboss

Singular alphabets are carefully pieced together in this traditional technique creating an everlasting mark on the surface of the leather.

Classic Deboss

Each minor feature in Kingsleaf speaks of the quiet pride we esteem ourselves with and the Ampersand “&” symbol chosen to bind two life together represented by the first alphabet of their initials has a rich culture and history behind.

The Ampersand “&” is one from the Carolingian minuscule script. It represents in the Latin conjunctive word “et”, which translate to the English equivalent word of “and”, joining the old handwritten latin letters “e” and “t” to form a single glyph.

This Ampersand was also chosen for its design uniqueness but more so for its rich culture of being a word that morphed two alphabets into one, just as two life were to become one in a marriage.

Simply Quite Beautiful.