Signature Services (Corporate)

Our corporate concierge services offers dedicated attention and surprises to valued clients and employees.

Leveraging on our local knowledge and coveted network of connections, we promise to drive customers and staff loyalty with our bespoke experiences. Going beyond the standard corporate gifts, we customize unique and personalized moments that aims to mark a wonderful memory in them.

Below we feature our signature services that we have built vast experience and networks on so you can truly be assured of excellence.

Daily Errands

Meeting Ad Hoc Demands.

Always an exclusive service to be provided for both corporate clients and employees, such personalized butler services is sure to bring a sense of prestige and recognition. When you need something simple done well. We provide that extra on demand manpower that promises more freedom and flexibility for you.


Personalized Gift. Food. Beverage. Unique Experiences.

Indulge your corporate clients or employees with our entire range of little touches to extravagant moments aim at building brand loyalty. With any given budget we planned out our surprises and services both in both one-off and long terms solutions in mind. From exclusive annual memberships to ad hoc bubble tea with personalized messages to constantly keep the brand image up.

Important Moments

Birthday Gifts. Anniversary Gifts. Well Wishing Gifts.

We keep track of all key dates and ensures that every important date is an opportunity to create another moment in both your clients and employees.

Health and Wellness

Spas. Doctors. Fitness Coach. Masseuse. 

Our network of spas, certified masseuse, dietician and coaches will help reconnect you with your body and mind. Having services for a healthy mind and body is definitely one of the more trendy rewards that we have been seeing in our clients requests. 

Private Events

Planning. Design. Coordination. Management.

We craft and produce events that are exclusive and unforgettable, from grand celebrations to intimate yacht parties, we promise original experiences that are nothing short of magical.

Unique Experiences

Simple baking lessons to bungee jumps. We delight you with new experiences.

In this period of Covid, let us spark joy in your life by bringing you unusual entertainment.
The sky’s the limit to what we can put together.


Bookings. Recommendations. Special requests.

The ever evolving landscape of Singapore culinary world means we always have something new to delight your employees and clients.

Unique Assignment

Out of the norm. Private request. Special.

Definitely our signature service. There is certainly no measure on what you can request. We excel at these demands and are passionate at going above and beyond all boundaries to make it happen.

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